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                客座教授——Bashir Makhoul

                来源:本站编辑      点击数:     日期:2018-12-27 08:14:08




                Professor Bashir Makhoul

                Vice-Chancellor of University of Creative Art, UK



                    玛库教授,英国创意艺术大学校长,曾任英国伯明翰城市大学副校长,英国南安普顿大学温彻斯特艺术学院院长、教授。获得大不列颠艺术委员会、英格兰艺术委员会、艺术人文研究(AHRC)、谢菲尔德哈莱姆大学及大不列颠西北艺术委员会授予的多个奖项。作品在英国及世界各地的博物馆和展览馆展出,包括海沃德美术馆、泰特利物浦↑美术馆、布里斯托的阿尔诺菲尼艺术中心、伯明翰伊康画廊、利物浦双年展、以色列赫兹亚博物馆、约旦国家博物馆、巴基斯坦勒侯NCA美术馆、佛罗▃伦萨双年展、澳大利亚悉∞尼UTS美术馆、中国常熟艺术博物馆、苏州艺术博物馆、深圳艺术博物馆等。出版多部著作,包括《Identity Theft》、《Return》、《Outside the Camp》和《Return in Conflict》等。



                Professor Bashir Makhoul was the Head of the Department of Art and Design and the Director of the Research Institute of Media, Art and Design at University of Bedfordshire (previously Luton). He was also the founding Head of the School of Media Art and Design at the same University. He was the Head of one of the UK ’s leading art school, Winchester School of Art, part of the University of Southampton. Currently he is the vice-chancellor of University of Creative Art, UK. Professor Bashir Makhoul’s appointment marks the first time a Palestinian academic has been appointed to the top position at a British University and it is believed to be only the second time an academic from a non-Western background has been made Vice-Chancellor in the UK.


                In an academic career spanning 22 years, Professor Makhoul has specialized in creating overseas partnerships and has spearheaded the creation of two Chinese campuses: the Birmingham Institute of Fashion and Creative Arts in Wuhan, and Southampton’s first overseas campus in Dalian, China. He speaks rudimentary Chinese and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Arabic. Professor Makhoul is a prolific writer, editor and artist. He maintains a studio in Beijing and has exhibited at a range of high-profile venues and events including the Hayward Gallery, Tate Liverpool, 2013 Venice Biennale and the Aichi Biennale in Japan. Currently his work is on show in Australia, Liverpool and Beirut, with a large exhibition in Mexico planned for next year. He is a published author who has written several books about Palestinian art and themes of conflict and identity, including The Origins of Palestinian Art and Conflict and Compassion. He is also the co-author of several books including Identity Theft, Return, Outside the Camp, and Return in Conflict.  


                University of the Creative Arts, one of the top creative universities in the UK, has been named Modern University of the Year by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019. Its also the highest placed specialist creative university and in the top 35 of all UK universities in the Times and Sunday Times league table. As a specialist arts institution, UCA is 100% creative. Their distinctiveness against larger multi-disciplinary universities comes from focusing on provision through the creative campuses, which are not compromised by sharing facilities with other subjects or disciplines. With more than 6,000 students studying over 110 creative courses across four campuses, UCA generates unique communities of artists, designers, makers, writers and researchers. Many of their students and alumni have achieved artistic excellence and commercial success, such as Gareth Edwards, Zandra Rhodes, Tracy Emin and so on.