Top Accommodation Tips for Full Moon Party in Thailand

Full Moon Party Accomodation

As the tranquil shores of Thailand’s islands transform into the pulsating heart of the Full Moon Party, finding the right place to rest your head becomes as crucial as the celebration itself. You’re probably looking forward to the vibrant night ahead, but don’t overlook the importance of booking your accommodation early to avoid the last-minute scramble.

While you’re aiming for the best spot that offers both convenience to the party zone and a peaceful retreat afterwards, consider the type of lodging that suits your needs—be it a beach bungalow, a hostel full of fellow revelers, or a luxurious resort. Keep in mind the proximity to the festivities; too close, and you might forfeit sleep, too far, and you could miss out on the spontaneity of the event.

And amidst the excitement, make sure to check the cancellation policies, as plans can change as quickly as the tides. Stay tuned, as we’re about to unveil the insights that could make or break your Full Moon Party experience.

Book Early to Secure Space


To avoid missing out, it’s essential to book your accommodation well in advance of the Full Moon Party. This world-renowned event on Koh Phangan draws thousands to its shores each month, creating a high demand for places to stay. You don’t want to be the one scrambling for a spot when you could’ve secured a comfortable room months before.

When you’re searching for the perfect place, consider proximity to Haad Rin Beach, where the festivities take place. Staying close means you’re at the heart of the action and can easily wander back to your room if needed. However, if you’re after a quieter experience, look for accommodations a bit further away. You’ll appreciate the peace after a night of revelry.

Remember, prices can skyrocket as the party date looms closer, so locking in your reservation early not only guarantees a spot but often saves you money. You’ll find a range of options from hostels to luxury resorts, so there’s something for every budget. Just make sure to check cancellation policies, as plans can change.

Book early and you’ll be all set to enjoy the Full Moon Party without a hitch. You’ve got your spot secured, now all that’s left is to count down the days.

Location: Balance Convenience With Comfort

Having secured your accommodation early, you’ll next want to consider the location’s balance of convenience and comfort for your Full Moon Party experience. You don’t want to end up so far that you’re commuting more than celebrating, nor do you want to be right in the thick of it if you can’t handle the noise all night.

Ideally, look for a place within walking distance to Haad Rin Beach, where the festivities occur, but far enough to give you some respite. That way, you can easily get back to your room if you need a break, or if you’ve forgotten something. Remember, the closer you are, the higher the noise level, which can impede your sleep.

Aim for accommodations that offer the amenities you value—like air conditioning, hot showers, and comfortable beds—after a night of dancing and socializing, these creature comforts become non-negotiable. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep during such an eventful time.

Lastly, double-check the exact location of your accommodation on a map before booking. Some places might advertise themselves as being near the party but are actually quite a trek away. A little research goes a long way in ensuring your Full Moon Party experience is both epic and restful.

Consider Accommodation Type

When choosing your stay for the Full Moon Party, consider the type of accommodation that best suits your needs, from budget hostels to luxurious resorts. If you’re all about the social vibe and don’t mind sharing space, a hostel might be your go-to. They’re wallet-friendly and a fantastic way to meet fellow travelers. Plus, many hostels in the area cater to Full Moon Party-goers with pre-party events and group activities.

On the flip side, if you’re after a bit of tranquility and comfort, a hotel or resort could be worth the splurge. You’ll have your own room, and often a pool, spa, and restaurant are at your disposal. It’s the perfect way to recharge before and after the party madness.

Don’t overlook the middle ground options like guesthouses and bungalows. They offer a more authentic Thai experience and usually provide a cozy atmosphere. You can find some with beachfront views that won’t break the bank.

Understand Party Proximity

While considering the comfort and style of your accommodation is important, it’s also crucial to think about how close you want to be to the Full Moon Party’s epicenter. Being in the heart of the action has its perks—short walks to the beach, the vibrant atmosphere, and immediate access to the party. However, it also means louder nights and busier surroundings. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind the constant buzz and wants to dive headfirst into the experience, look for spots right on Haad Rin Beach, where the party takes place.

On the flip side, if you value your beauty sleep or need a peaceful retreat after dancing the night away, consider staying a bit further out. There are plenty of options that are just a short taxi or even a boat ride away from the party zone. This way, you get the best of both worlds—a chance to charge up in tranquility and still not miss out on the festivities.

Check Cancellation Policies


Before booking your stay for the Full Moon Party, it’s crucial to review the cancellation policies to avoid any unwanted surprises. Each hotel or guesthouse has its own set of rules, and during high-demand events like the Full Moon Party, they might be stricter than usual.

You’ll want to know how far in advance you can cancel without a penalty. Some places may require a non-refundable deposit, or full payment upfront, which you won’t get back if you change your plans. Others might offer a more flexible policy, with the option to cancel a few days before your arrival. Make sure you’re comfortable with the terms before you commit.

Also, check if there are any fees associated with changing your booking. If you decide to extend your stay to recover from the party, or leave early because you’ve had enough, it’s good to know what that flexibility will cost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Safety Concerns Specific to the Full Moon Party That I Should Be Aware of When Choosing Accommodations?

Yes, you should be aware of safety concerns like theft and personal security. Choose accommodations with good reviews, reliable security features, and proximity to the event for a safer experience.

How Do I Navigate Transportation to and From the Full Moon Party if My Accommodation Is Not Within Walking Distance?

You’ll need to arrange transport, like a taxi or a shared van. Always confirm the price beforehand, and try to travel in groups for safety and to split the fare.

What Are Some Lesser-Known Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep After the Party in a Busy Area?

To ensure a good night’s sleep, bring earplugs and an eye mask to block out noise and light. Try a white noise app and go to bed exhausted to fall asleep faster.

Can You Recommend Any Local Food or Dining Experiences Near the Full Moon Party Accommodations?

You should definitely try the street food stalls for authentic Thai flavors. Don’t miss the grilled seafood, fresh fruit shakes, and Pad Thai cooked right before your eyes—it’s an experience in itself!

Are There Any Cultural Norms or Local Regulations I Should Be Aware of When Staying in Thailand During the Full Moon Party?

Yes, you should respect local customs by dressing modestly and not touching people’s heads. Also, follow noise regulations and avoid littering to maintain the beauty of Thailand’s beaches during the Full Moon Party.


Wrap up your Full Moon Party plans by booking ahead to ensure you snag a spot. Find a place that offers the perfect mix of accessibility to the festivities and a peaceful retreat.

Whether you opt for a beach bungalow or a cozy hostel, keep the party’s noise in mind. And don’t forget to read the fine print on cancellation policies, so you’re covered if your plans go awry.

Get ready for an unforgettable night on Koh Phangan!

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