Bangkok Airport Taxi: To City Center Or To Pattaya, Everything You Need To Know

Bangkok Airport Taxi

When you land in the bustling city of Bangkok, the first thing you’ll likely need is a Bangkok airport taxi or some other transportation option to get to your hotel or other destination. One of the most sought-after services at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport is the Bangkok airport taxi. With the Bangkok airport taxi service prioritizing convenience, these taxis offer tourists and locals alike an easy way to navigate the sprawling metropolis.

Bangkok Airport Taxi Options

Several taxi options are available from Bangkok’s airports. Once you step outside the arrivals area, you’ll encounter:

  • Official Airport Taxis: These are metered taxis that operate 24/7. Typically, they are color-coded (pink, green, yellow, and blue), with the fare calculated based on the meter plus a nominal airport surcharge. More details can be found on the official airport taxi website.
  • Private Taxis: Several companies offer private car services, which are slightly more expensive but provide a personalized experience. These taxis often come with additional amenities like free Wi-Fi, water bottles, and English-speaking drivers. Check out Bangkok Private Taxi Services for more information.
  • Limousines: If you’re looking for a luxurious touch to your ride, there are also limousine services available. These are pricier but offer an elevated comfort level. Explore options at Bangkok Limousines.
  • Ride-sharing Apps: Services like Grab operate in Bangkok and can be a great alternative to traditional Bangkok airport taxis. However, the pricing can vary depending on demand.

Bangkok Airport Taxi Prices

Bangkok airport taxi fares are relatively affordable. A trip from the airport to the city center would typically cost around 350-700 THB depending on traffic, which equates to roughly 10-20 USD. Always ensure the taxi driver turns on the meter to avoid being overcharged.

Bangkok Airport Taxi prices
Bangkok Airport Taxi prices

Other Transport Options to City Center

If you’d rather explore alternatives to a Bangkok airport taxi, you’re in luck! The city offers multiple modes of transportation, including:

Other Transport Options to City Center

If you’d rather explore alternatives to a Bangkok airport taxi, you’re in luck! The city offers multiple modes of transportation, including:

  • Airport Rail Link (ARL): A fast train service that connects the Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center in just 30 minutes. Tickets range from 35-45 THB.
  • Buses: Several bus lines run from both airports to various city locations. It’s the most budget-friendly option, though it might take longer due to traffic.
  • Airport Shuttles: Some hotels offer shuttle services for their guests, which can be both convenient and economical.

Bangkok Airport Taxi Popular Routes With Prices

  • Bangkok airport to city center taxi: 600 THB (approx. 18 USD), 30 minutes
  • Bangkok airport to Khao San Road taxi: 550 THB (approx. 16 USD), 40 minutes
  • Bangkok airport to Sukhumvit taxi: 500 THB (approx. 15 USD), 35 minutes
  • Bangkok airport to Siam Square taxi: 550 THB (approx. 16 USD), 40 minutes
  • Bangkok airport to Silom taxi: 550 THB (approx. 16 USD), 40 minutes
  • Bangkok airport to Pattaya taxi: 1,800 THB (approx. 54 USD), 2 hours
  • Bangkok airport to Hua Hin taxi: 3,000 THB (approx. 90 USD), 3 hours
  • Bangkok airport to Ayutthaya taxi: 1,500 THB (approx. 45 USD), 1.5 hours
  • Bangkok airport to Phuket taxi: This would require a flight or bus as Phuket is approximately 800km from Bangkok.

Bangkok Airport Taxi Scams

While the Bangkok airport taxi service is generally reliable, there have been instances of scams that travelers should be aware of:

  • Refusal to Use Meter: Some drivers might refuse to turn on the meter and instead quote a flat rate, which is usually much higher than the metered fare. Always insist on using the meter.
  • Taking Longer Routes: Some drivers might take unnecessarily long routes to increase the fare. It’s a good idea to have a map app on your phone to track the route.
  • Overcharging: Always be wary if the fare seems unusually high. It’s a good practice to familiarize yourself with the average fares to popular destinations.
  • Fake Taxi Stands: Avoid unofficial taxi stands or touts offering rides, as they might charge exorbitant rates.

For a safe journey, always use official taxi stands, ensure the taxi has clear identification, and consider booking through reputable taxi booking platforms.

Bangkok Airport Taxi
Bangkok Airport Taxi

Q&A Section

Q: How can I ensure I’m getting an official Bangkok airport taxi?

A: Look for the designated taxi stands and queues at the airport. The official taxis will also have a prominent taxi meter inside.

Q: Do I need to tip my taxi driver?

A: While not mandatory, a small tip of 20-50 THB is appreciated for good service.

Q: Can I book a Bangkok airport taxi in advance?

A: Yes, several services allow advance booking, especially the private taxi companies.

Q: Is it safe to take a taxi at night?

A: Generally, yes. However, always ensure the taxi uses a meter and note down the taxi number for safety.

Q: What if my driver doesn’t want to use a meter?

A: It’s best to find another taxi or insist on using the meter to avoid being overcharged.

Q: Are there any surcharges for the Bangkok airport taxi?

A: Yes, there’s a 50 THB surcharge for taxis from the airport.

Q: Can I share a taxi with other passengers?

A: While it’s not an official service, you can certainly split the fare if you’re heading in the same direction.

Q: Is the traffic bad in Bangkok?

A: Bangkok is known for its traffic, especially during rush hours. Always factor in extra time.

Q: Are the taxis air-conditioned?

A: Yes, almost all taxis in Bangkok are air-conditioned.

Q: Can I pay the taxi fare using a credit card?

A: Most taxis prefer cash, but some private taxi services may accept credit cards. It’s best to confirm before starting your journey.


In conclusion, while Bangkok offers numerous transportation options, the Bangkok airport taxi remains a popular choice for its convenience and accessibility. Whatever mode you choose, Bangkok awaits with its rich culture, gastronomic delights, and bustling streets!

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